Win More Games

The Challenge

As a collectible card game store which hosts a number of tournaments each week, Win More Games needed a site to feature its event schedule and to promote the release of coming products.  In addition, since many people would be visiting his site while in the store to check the schedule, a mobile-centric design was incredibly important.  Finally, the owner made use of Twitter as a primary means of rapid communication with his customers, so his social media would need to be featured prominently.

The Solution

For the Win More Games redesign we started by building a site which featured as much of the store’s vital information on a single page as possible.  For mobile viewers we needed to keep the use of menus and links to a minimum so we set out to include dynamically updating upcoming event information right on the main page.  We did this by building a custom WordPress plugin to handle this information.  We also included the owner’s recent Twitter activity on the main page.

Chris put together an awesome website that is perfect for both me and my customers! He included me in every step of the process and even took the time to show me how to use WordPress so that I can make changes in the content myself as my business grows. It is important to him to set you up with a great looking website that is extremely user friendly for both you and the people visiting your site. I would highly recommend Solastra Media to anyone looking for a modern, mobile friendly website that you will be proud to show off to anyone!

Jennifer B.

Owner / Operator / Pet Sitter, Creature Companions Pet Sitting

Mobile-Driven Design Emphasizes Activity

Focus on Events

Dynamic events system encourages engagement with customers

Mobile Concerns Addressed First

Focus on mobile devices fits with customer demographics

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Extensive use of dynamic content powered by the stability of WordPress

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