Keepers of the Sandlot

The Challenge

The website for Keepers of the Sandlot was originally setup to help sell books and provide information about the organization’s founder, Bill Severns.  However, the site that was originally built for them was confusing with many links that were poorly described and sections which were difficult to find.  As a result, it was hard for visitors to find and purchase the organization’s materials.  With a major expansion for the organization on the horizion, they needed a new design that better helped them achieve their goals.

The Solution

The new design for Keepers of the Sandlot puts the focus immediately on the organization’s products by placing links to the books and movie as well as bold buttons to allow users to immediately purchase copies.  Many of the old site’s confusing sections and links were either eliminated or consolidated to simplify browsing.  In order to promote the founder’s speaking engagements a new events section was added as well.  Finally, excerpts from Bill’s terrific blog posts were moved to the front page to encourage readers to be drawn into the stories he tells.

Modern Style Supports a Clear Message

Strong Focus on E-Commerce

Simple and bold links to products guide buyers and drive sales

Image-Driven Design Style

Striking photographs convey organizational message and bring a modern feel

Clearly Structured Content

Reorganized content clarifies the message and helps users find information

The personal and professional connection that I enjoy with Chris has been extremely rewarding.  Chris took the time to hear my goals and worked to accomplish what I need.  I am thrilled with his work.  There has been no struggle.  Within a couple of sessions, Chris presented me with a re-design of my website that has exceeded my expectations and I could not be happier.  I am looking forward to the next steps we take together as my business grows.  I believe that his ability and full range of services will help me achieve all of the dreams I have for the successful marketing and running of my organization.

Bill Severns

Founder / Motivational Speaker, Keepers of the Sandlot

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