Grand Hands Massage

The Challenge

With the recent expansion of her business, Adrienne needed a better online presence that conveyed the same sense of relaxation that she seeks to bring to her clients.  She also wanted to present potential new clients with an image of professionalism to put them at ease.  Finally, as someone who frequently works on the move between her locations, she wanted a website that was mobile-friendly and put all the information her clients could need right where they could access it quickly.

The Solution

The new design for Grand Hands Massage is a primarily single-page layout to make mobile browsing as simple as possible. All of the vital information a potential new client could want is viewable right on the main page. We added biographies and certification information for Adrienne and her staff right at the top to help emphasize their professional qualifications. Numerous calls to action are available throughout the page to allow clients to book appointments easily – all through her existing online appointment service which we integrated into her site.

Designed for Clients’ Ease of Use

Mobile-First Design

Single-page layout makes mobile browsing quick and easy

Clean Simple Design

A clean and modern design helps convey the sense of calm provided by their services


Reorganized Content Strategy

Reorganized content puts the focus on professionalism and qualifications

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