The Challenge

DigiStory had recently undertaken a complete rebranding and needed a new website to feature their organization and its efforts.  As an organization whose mission is to increase access to multimedia production facilities and training, it was crucial that their website demonstrated their media production capabilities and represented them as the media experts that they are while simultaneously not slowing down the site with so much media that it would become unusable.  Additionally, as a non-profit organization it was important for visitors to be able to easily donate to the cause and if they were interested in doing so to volunteer for upcoming events.  Finally, as the organization grew there would be a number of people who would need to have access to the website for updates and other content creation so there would need to be some sort of system for user registration and access control.

The Solution

We designed a custom WordPress site from the ground up for their organization’s unique needs.  From the first page media is featured prominently with responsive video and image slides demonstrating the organization’s recent events and mission statement.  Donation widgets are featured in numerous locations throughout the website to serve as a call to action for potential donors and a volunteer recruitment page was set up to help attract volunteers for both events and training.  Finally on the backend, multpile user levels were created for site contributors and custom post types were created for numerous different items including sponsors, events, board members to allow registered users to edit any content on the site in accordance with their user permission level.

Connecting and Engaging With Users

Multimedia Experience

Dynamic video content featured throughout the site to support the organization’s misson

Frictionless Interactivity

Easy-to-use donation, registration, and contact functionality to encourage connection with users

Reliable WordPress Foundation

Full-featured content management system with custom functionality built on the stability of WordPress

Chris Boyle has done a marvelous job redesigning our website.  We needed a site that was mobile device responsive, featured best-practice digital media solutions and that was easy to manage.  Chris delivered this and much more.  Chris collaborated closely with me and with our board throughout the development of the site.  He far exceeded our expectations.  He continues to provide an amazing level of support.  I’m impressed with the comprehensive, big-picture approach he takes to working with clients.  He considered every aspect of our web-based needs and the organizational operations it affects as he worked through the development process.  We couldn’t be happier with our website and with our partnership with Solastra Media.

Ron Green

Executive Director - Board of Trustees, Kansas City Digital Storytelling Center

Chris Boyle has been the vital asset in the rebuilding of our website. He transformed a low functioning, student-created website into a robust, professional site poised to highlight the services related to the digital storytelling initiatives of Kansas City.

Ben Riggin

Vice President - Board of Trustees, Kansas City Digital Storytelling Center

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