Solastra Media is a web design and marketing consulting company based in Overland Park, KS. We specialize in providing individuals, small businesses, and non-profit organizations with the kind of high quality design typically only available to large companies with dedicated design teams.

Chris Boyle

Chris Boyle

Owner, WordPress Developer, and Digital Marketing Strategist

“After a long career in management and customer service, I decided to take my lifelong love of technology, design, and programming and use it to help small businesses like the one I had managed for so long. After a stint with another local design firm, I decided to open my own studio in order to work more directly with my clients. I love working with individuals and smaller organizations to help them improve their online presence with the same caliber of design as their larger competitors.”

The personal and professional connection that I enjoy with Chris has been extremely rewarding.  Chris took the time to hear my goals and worked to accomplish what I need.  I am thrilled with his work.  There has been no struggle.  Within a couple of sessions, Chris presented me with a re-design of my website that has exceeded my expectations and I could not be happier.  I am looking forward to the next steps we take together as my business grows.  I believe that his ability and full range of services will help me achieve all of the dreams I have for the successful marketing and running of my organization.

Bill Severns

Founder / Motivational Speaker, Keepers of the Sandlot

Chris Boyle has been the vital asset in the rebuilding of our website. He transformed a low functioning, student-created website into a robust, professional site poised to highlight the services related to the digital storytelling initiatives of Kansas City.

Ben Riggin

Vice President - Board of Trustees, Kansas City Digital Storytelling Center

Christopher has provided invaluable support to me in all my web design needs. I cannot imagine working with anyone else. He is patient and skilled, and has worked tirelessly over the years to resolve complicated security as well as design issues. I recommend Christopher to anyone without reserve!

Doris Mattingly

Owner, Piano Teacher, Mattingly Studio

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